Two Generations and a Love for Baking

Two generations and a love for baking might make our story a little too sweet to handle. From mother to daughter and over again, Tayta’s Bakery is passion in a pastry. Our family-owned bakery wants to turn up the heat and get things moving. All of Tayta’s baked goods are handcrafted in our store, and now we are making them available to everyone, everywhere.

What started out as a Mom with a love for everything baking, turned into a second home and a treat for the neighborhood. The little bakery on Franklin Turnpike in Mahwah, NJ became the pride of the family, and now it just got a little bigger.

 Imagine being able to get actual authentic, handmade cookies, tarts, scones or whatever your sweet tooth is craving, delivered right to your door! These delectable, absolutely delicious treats are just asking to be savored.

There’s no substitute for that fresh out-of-the-oven taste, and when an oven and a baker are the only things in between a Tayta’s Dessert and you, nothing else gets close.







Our Passion for Baking Results In Delectables for You! 

All of our desserts, candies and other baked goods are made with love, and we want to share that feeling with more of the world. With all the hate in the world today, we thought now would be the time to spread a little happiness. Happy is the way most people feel when they see a beautifully-made pastry, ready to be eaten. That’s what Tayta’s Desserts is all about.

We’re getting a little older, so we thought it might be time to leave the brick and mortar cafe behind us. However, we just can’t think of a world without doing what we love. Times might be changing, but the feeling when you bite into one of Tayta’s Tarts sure hasn’t. We wanted to hold on to that just a little bit longer. Now with our online cafe, we can reach pastry and confectionery lovers all across America!

There are so many delectable sweets to enjoy: candies, tarts, cookies, and more – and the online store is now up and running. Click around through and see what catches your eye. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out on Twitter, Facebook  or!



These Tarts Are Close to Our Hearts

Tarts have a special place in the hearts of the Tayta’s Desserts family. These delectable confectionaries have an amazing history and there are few things better than sharing a tart with someone you love. French in origin, the Apple Tart actually has some incredible similarities to an all-time favorite in America, the Apple Pie.

Making a True French Classic

A pie is made in a dish with a crust and a filling. The sides of the pie dish are sloped, so the pie can be made with just a top, bottom or both a top and bottom crust. Pies are served from the dish they’re baked in. Now, a tart can be sweet or savory, made in a dish with shallow sides. It’s usually baked in a pan with a removable bottom or pastry ring, so it can be taken off before serving. Both tarts are delicious and similar but a classic, homemade French tart is the confectionary that stands out to the Tayta’s Desserts family.

An Exquisite Experience

Tayta’s Desserts takes their classic French desserts seriously. Their Apple Tart is filled with one full pound of fresh, crisp Granny Smith apple slices tossed with sugar, cinnamon and fragrant spices, making every bite an exquisite experience. With a variety of delectable treats offered at Tayta’s Desserts, one that will always have a special place in the hearts of everyone at Tayta’s are their French tarts. Each and every time someone bites into that fresh, delicious fruit surrounded by the light, delicate crust, it fills the room with love.

 The Full Tayta’s Line of Spectacular Desserts

Apple Tarts aren’t the only sweets Tayta’s Desserts offers. Discover the Chocolate Tarts, Pear Tarts, and Pumpkin Pecan Tarts, too. These are just some of the tart flavors available. Another lovely treat Tayta’s Desserts loves to craft are their special Macarons. Tayta has been making these delectable confectionaries for two generations, perfecting that delicious, crisp outer shell and decadent meringue that melts in your mouth, delivering that spectacular burst of flavor people have come to expect.

Be sure to stop by the Bakery’s homepage to find a wide variety of these spectacular treats, and more!


The Beautiful Story of a Classic Cookie

Classic French confectionaries, like the macaron, continue to touch the hearts of people all over the world. These famous, delectable desserts are absolutely delicious, and every time someone takes a bite, they are reminded why these treats remain a perennial favorite!

Even though the macaron cookie was born in Italy, it was actually introduced by the chef for Catherine de Medicis in 1533, when she married the Duc d’Orleans, who later became king of France in 1547, known as Henry II. So since 1547, the macaron cookie has been a staple of French desserts. Starting out as simple cookies made of almond powder, sugar and egg whites, they eventually became the delicious stuffed cookies we all know and love in the 20th century.

Macarons Are Still Very Much Alive

Fast forward to 2018, where right in the U.S.A., there is a two-generation old, family-owned French bakery and café still creating rich, authentic “Old-World style” French confectionaries, like the beloved macaron. There is a good reason why these incredible cookies have been around for over 450 years – because they are spectacular!

With so many different flavors of macarons to choose from – there’s one to satisfy every sweet tooth and any palate – vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, hazelnut and passionfruit.


Love Makes Desserts Taste Oh So Much Better!

Tayta’s Desserts love each and every one of their baked goods. Family owned and operated, these delectable pastries are handmade and made ready to order. This humble bakery and café is ready to scale back the brick-and-mortar location, and take a giant new step forward. Bringing Tayta’s Desserts online was intended to share this passion with more of the world. Now, anyone on the internet can enjoy these amazing macarons and all the other sweets Tayta’s Desserts hold so dear.

Everyone here at Tayta’s Desserts hopes you find that perfect dessert right here on Remember to follow Tayta on Twitter and Facebook – where you will find fantastic recipes, fun, creative ideas to do with the kids, and great deals on Tayta’s treats! If you have any questions about the confectionaries, or just want to learn more about Tayta, feel free to send an email to and we’ll be there.






Tayta’s Desserts – Delicious and Made With Love

Two generations and a whole lot of love for classic “Old-World style” French confectionaries, culminated into a wonderful list of premium-made desserts. For years, customers have asked us to ship our sweets and handmade desserts to friends, family, or their special “someone”. With Tayta’s Desserts finally ready to take that next step into the digital world, here’s a look at some of the treats ready to show up at your door.


These confections have a special place in the hearts of everyone here at Taytas Desserts. A delicate crust and sweet filling are the perfect reminder of why desserts made with care taste that much better. Stop by the Tart Page [Hyperlink:] and pick from Apple, Chocolate, Pear or Pumpkin and you might even find something in there you weren’t expecting!




The macaron’s history is as spectacular as their taste. With so many to choose from, there is one for everybody. Two delectible cookies and a specatacular filling makes anyone that bites into a macaron remember why these desserts have been around for hundreds of years. Macarons are a bright addition to any event, and all that vibrant color is followed by a burst of flavor. Try a vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio or even passionfruit! For anyone that can’t bring themselves to choose, Tayta’s Desserts offers an assorted box to make things easy.












Cookies and Candies

Anyone with a sweet tooth might just find themselves clicking through the Cookies and Candies section longer than they’d like to admit. Beautiful Belgian Chocolate Truffles and more cookies than any one person would confess to eating, there is always something for even the most picky dessert lover.









Quiches and Pastries

For those looking to bring something different to the party, or for anyone that wants to add something interesting to dinner time, the Quiches and Pastries page is the perfect place to be! Each one of these pastries are near and dear to the Tayta’s Desserts family. Elephant ears or scones have made appearances at a number of family events and always follow a Spinach and Swiss Cheese Quiche, Spinach and Goat Cheese Quiche or a Quiche Lorraine.













One of the newer, delicious additions to the Taytas family is the wide variety of spectacular teas! There are so many to try; each one is unique in its own special way. Sweet fruity flavors and beloved classics, it will truly be a challenge to choose your favorite. Whether Peach and Flowers or White Chocolate Mousse Tea catches your eye, there’s always a tea available that will match your mood.

This is just a quick look into the world of Tayta’s Desserts. Feel free to click around the website to discover that right treat for the occasion at hand. If you have any questions, reach out to and someone will be sure to get in touch.